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In 2008 my life changed. A sudden Heart attack at 38 years old gave me a new outlook on life & put my story in motion.

Welcome to my website. Please come on in & click around. Be sure to check out my Biography & photo pages. The goal each day is to run 3.2 miles straight with no stopping, no walking, and no cheating.
Note ...
Remember though, this is the goal and not a rule. Recently I have been lifting weights and alternating run days and also giving my hips and knees a rest. It seems to work best now to split up cardio days from weight lifting days.

No excuses  , Get Up , Get out there , RUN !!!!

There will come a day when I can no longer run.... TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY !!!!


If you want the cold hard truth then please check out my site. I offer no bells & whistles, no quick fixes, no gimmicks or infomercials that fail. Whether you can run 10 miles or 10 feet it does not matter.  I created this site to tell my story with hopes that if I inspired just one person , then it will be a success. Please be that person, your life depends on it.

Life is tough

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My Weekly thoughts

Please check back weekly as I do update my thoughts & comments

As of September 10th , 2013 I have implemented a pre run workout of 10 lb weights. Usually only lasting about 20 minutes I work biceps, triceps, chest, traps and a variety of modified situps. Building muscle will slow my weight loss down, but will help me with droopy loose skin where the fat was.

Update ...

As of October 16th I have aquired a membership at the local planet fitness to work out with their weights. Also good to run on their treadmill during inclimate weather.


Update ...

Dec 2013

I have been watching Greg Plitt on youtube and learned that my diet is more important now than ever before. I was way over doing the carbohydrate intake daily. He is a true inspirations to me. Upped my water intake as well for drastic improvements. I am really into lifting weights and now working hard on sculpting my body. I have ditched the 10lb weights and now working heavier and harder than ever before...and still getting my run in on the treadmill after all of the weight training.


Today 10/22/13 I had my annual Heart doctor appointment. I recieved great news. I am now being taken off my plavix and niacin medications.

Hard work assures me that I will beat my heart disease. If I can do this then tell me whats stopping you?

I am down from 6 medications daily to 4 now and that may continue to drop as my journey progresses.


I have noticed since getting serious and showing progress that most people do not want to hear about my achievements in weight loss. I have known people that either do not comment or show no signs of interest in my progress. I have come to the conclusion that most people ( not all ) hope you fail so they feel better about being themselves and not changing. I notice the people that never speak about my progress or goals are also very quiet and quickly change the subject when I bring it up. To be honest I have had very little people tell me that I even look like I have lost weight or support me. This would discourage most people, but I am not most people. I am fueled even further by the negativity of others.

I have a fire inside me that no person will extinguish. Here is a short video as an example of just what I am talking about.

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